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Baylor bench to be seated outside for clash in Hilton Coliseum

Well, well, well, well, how the turntables...

After an urgent FOIA request, WRNL has learned that the Baylor University men’s basketball team failed to apply for seating for their bench inside Hilton Coliseum for Wednesday’s matchup with Iowa State, so the Bears’ players and coaches, including Baylor head coach Scott Drew, will be seated outside the arena on the north steps of Hilton Coliseum. Rules are rules, Baylor.

This development comes on the heels of an incident during the 2019 football season, when Iowa State was rightfully disciplined and had to take down their sunshades during a game at Baylor in September after apparently not going through the correct channels and apply to use them ahead of time. Rules were broken! And Baylor, being the epitome of class and doing things strictly by the book, righteously had those shades removed.

ESPN reported temperatures approaching 125 degrees on the Iowa State sideline, while the Baylor sideline remained at a cool 94 degrees due to the shade from the stadium on that side of the field. Gotta play by the rules Cyclones!

While there isn’t any snow in tonight’s forecast for Ames, temperatures are expected to dip below 20 degrees. When asked about his team’s new seating arrangement for tonight’s contest at a press conference held earlier today, Scott Drew was visibly upset with the situation.

“This one falls on me. It’s my duty to submit the application for our bench location. I didn’t follow through, and now my team has to suffer the consequences. However, we are still very fortunate. We could have ended up like the handicap section at Allen Fieldhouse last week, who unfortunately didn’t fill out their application to not get punched in the face.”

Baylor Men’s Basketball head coach Scott Drew, visibly upset at a press conference held earlier today.

The Big 12’s various questionable application policies have had their hand in more than a few notable events recently, and are beginning to come under fire. The first major instance occurred in 2011 when Oklahoma State kicker Quinn Sharp failed to file an application for a game-winning field goal at the end of regulation against Iowa State, ultimately resulting in a loss which doomed the Cowboys’ national title hopes. If only they would have practiced the rules. This is why they exist!

Similarly, Oklahoma head basketball coach Lon Kruger failed to correctly submit an application to score points in a basketball game after the 15-minute mark of the second half in a game at Hilton Coliseum in 2015, ultimately resulting in Cyclones going on a 23-0 run to take a lead and eventually win the game.

As you can see, not following the rules can have dire consequences. It can leave your team at a rather significant disadvantage! But if everyone knows the rules and follows them accordingly, everything is fair and equal. The Big XII Conference knows the rules, Big XII refs certainly know the rules, and the teams should too. Learn to follow them or else, idiots.