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The Mid Morning Dump: Championship Edition

The Wrestling program gets the Cyclones some hardware.

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TITLE TOWN BABY Iowa State wrestler Gannon Gremmel made the Cylclone faithful proud today.

A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE The Des Moines register gave its way too early prediction of what our starters might look like come next football season.

MAKE US PROUD Our golden boy Allen Lazard is getting ready to take on his first NFL playoffs in the coming weeks, watch him murk this blocking dummy.

THE MATTCAST Another former Cyclone who’s been making waves in the pros went on a podcast with Doug Gouttlieb that comes out today, hopefully there’s a mute Doug button.

THE ONLY TEN I SEE The Tennessee Volunteers pulled off an improbable comeback last night against Indiana in the Gator Bowl. However they couldn’t quite pull off the whole banner thing.

BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM Not sure how many soccer fans there are out in the WRNL community, but a goal like this has to be seen.

HIT THE ROAD JASON The Dallas Cowboys decided to fire Jason Garrett yesterday, who do you think will be next under the Jerry Jones firing line?

HISTORY TO BE MADE With the NBA season getting close to the midway point, there is a lot of story lines starting to develop, take a look at which ones might define the 2020 season.