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This Week in GIFs: Notre Dame

Irish this game would have gone differently

NCAA Football: Camping World Bowl-Notre Dame vs Iowa State Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

We all hoped the Cyclones would face a Notre Dame team that would play like leprechauns.

Instead, they played actual fighting Irishmen.

Let’s take a look at Notre Dame forcing a Tarique Milton fumble on their first punt of the game.

And here’s Brock Purdy pump faking and fumbling away a promising drive in Notre Dame territory.

The offense certainly didn’t help the Cyclone defense, which played well at times.

But Iowa State’s defensive backs couldn’t find Chase Claypool all afternoon.

Thankfully Connor Assalley showed up to play, kicking 3 field goals and providing the only ISU points.

The Cyclones could have gotten back in the game, but started the second half with a 3-and-out.

And then Notre Dame essentially ended things with an 84 yard touchdown.

Here’s how QB sneaks on 4th and 1 go for most teams:

And here’s what happens when you line up in shotgun on 4th and 1:

When did we all want to see an under-center short yardage attempt?

Notre Dame was clearly in a different class than the Cyclones, physically dominating the football game.

At least now that football season is over, we can finally turn our attention to basketball.

And here’s how we all felt after that saddening beatdown.