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Iowa State Men’s Basketball Recruiting January Update

At least we have something to look forward to.

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Dudley Blackwell News:

There were rumors that 2020 Iowa State commit, Dudley Blackwell was reportedly going to de-commit from ISU, but those rumors were fortunately shot down.

2020 Recruiting Class:

Iowa State has already landed four recruits from the 2020 class on National Signing Day, and you can read our full recap here. There are still three unsigned players from the 2020 class that hold an offer from Iowa State.

Kerwin Walton, 6’5”, G, Hopkins, Minnesota *(97th in the country on 247)

Kerwin Walton had visited Iowa State in September and reportedly came away impressed. He holds a hand full of offers, none from any elite “blue-blood” programs. He has no confirmed commitment date, but Iowa State seems to have a shot.

Jayden Stone, 6’3”, G, Wichita, Kansas *(101st in the country)

Jayden Stone is rumored to be heavily interested in Auburn, but Iowa State is still technically on the table of course. He did officially visit Ames, September 18th. He has no officially commitment date, but it looks tough for the Cyclones to land a late commitment from the Australian.

Desmond Polk, 6’3”, G, La Porte, Indiana *(279th in the country)

Marquette is rumored to be very high on Polk’s list, but he also officially visited Iowa State in September. He also has no confirmed commitment date as of now.

Previewing 2021:

Steve Prohm and his staff have currently offered 13 players from the class of 2021. There have been three players who have unofficially visited Ames, while one recruit is expected to visit in the spring.

Unofficial Visitors:

  • Chet Holmgren, 7’0”, C, Minnehaha, Minnesota *(2nd in the country)

It would be a program changing commitment if Iowa State was able to land Chet Holmgren. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s not going to happen, he did visit Ames during the last CyHawk game, but I don’t know how much that means. Holmgren is one of the best players in the 2021 class, and I can’t imagine Iowa State’s pitch being better than Coach K, or John Calipari’s.

  • Kendall Brown, 6’7”, G, Wichita, Kansas *(20th in the country)

Kendall Brown is another highly rated prospected who is not very deep into his recruitment yet. He has every offer under the sun so Steve Prohm will have to do some A+ recruiting in order to land him. It is rumored that Kansas is Brown’s dream school, but it is still wide open.

  • Hunter Sallis, 6’3”, G, Omaha, Nebraska *(42nd in the country)

Hunter Sallis is a player that is more of Iowa State’s caliber. Sallis was also on the sidelines for the last CyHawk football game, so that will always be a good sign. He does hold offers from many of the top schools, but this would be a recruit that Steve Prohm should have every opportunity to land.

Official Visitors:

  • (expected) Dallan Coleman, 6’6”, G, Callahan, Florida *(38th in the country)

Coleman is a very athletic wing player, that fits the mold of the Cyclones recent trend at that position. The 6’6” guard reportedly has an official visit scheduled for this spring, so this will be the first name of the 2021 class that every Cyclone fan should seriously keep an eye out for.

Remaining List:

  • Carter Whitt, 6’3”, PG, Raleigh, North Carolina *(55th in the country)
  • Matthew Cleveland, 6’6”, G, Atlanta, Georgia *(23rd in the country)
  • Bryce McGowens, 6’5”, G, Piedmont, South Carolina *(48th in the country)
  • Alex Fudge, 6’6”, SF, Jacksonville, Florida *(112th in the country)
  • Jordan Shorter, 6’5”, SF, Fort Lauderdale, Florida *(223rd in the country)
  • Lynn Kidd, 6’9”, PF, Bradenton, Florida *(93rd in the country)
  • Wesley Cardet, 6’5”, G, Fort Lauderdale, Florida *(134th in the country)