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The Mid Morning Dump: Officials Are Silly Edition

It’s another Thursday. Let’s GO.

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BEAUTIFUL MINDS ARE RARE TO FIND and frankly to put it in simple terms, Tyrese is a basketball genius.

THE FUTURE CONTINUES TO LOOK BRIGHT for Coach Steve Prohm as he was in Oskaloosa last night to see highly touted recruit Xavier Foster in action:

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN - Kobe’s passing had a ripple effect even in a place as small as Ames, Iowa.

ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END and despite a three game winning streak, the women’s team finally lost last night against Baylor.

DEFENSIVE WOES are a key detriment to the basketball season and so it seems whoever plays Iowa State, is the best shooting team in the Big 12.

MIKE LEACH IS A STRANGE FELLA and honestly it’s probably not a surprise to anyone.

NO MATTER THE YEAR it seems the Pacers are always in contention for the Eastern Conference Finals, just how is it they do that?

WITH THE SUPERBOWL ON SUNDAY here’s a look at the five best offensive rookies of this last NFL season.