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The Mid-Morning Dump: School Supplies Edition

See ya Matt


SCHOOL SUPPLIES. The Big 12 Conference came by Mortensen Road and Ames Middle School and made a virtual reality classroom on Monday.

“SCHOOL SUPPLIES”. Iowa State takes on Kansas tomorrow, that really snuck up on us.

TEXAS IS STILL STUPID. An extremely depleted women’s basketball roster almost beat #25 Texas at home yesterday.

PELICAN STATE UNDEFEATED. With the Ragin Cajuns win over Miami (OH) last night, Louisiana based university teams are 4-0 this bowl season.

(did you know: this is the Redhawks third bowl appearance since losing to Iowa State in the 2004 Independence?)

I DON’T MAKE THE RHULES. From Waco to Charlotte, Panther fans enjoy your new coach in Matt Rhule.

YOU’RE JOKIC-ing ME. Monté Morris and Jokic took down Trae Young last night, in part thanks to Jokic’s 47.

XFL RULES AND INTERPRETATIONS. Here’s some interesting tidbits to prime the pump for the upcoming XFL season.