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Hilton Corners Ready for ISU Players to Step Out of Bounds Tonight vs Kansas

The Cyclones have cornered the stepping out-of-bounds market.

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Texas Christian Tim Flores-USA TODAY Sports

The third-ranked team in the land comes to Hilton Coliseum for an 8PM tip tonight vs the Iowa State Cyclones. While Iowa State has had success over the long run against the Kansas Jayhawks in Hilton, the ‘Clones are reeling as of late, and navigating this Kansas team will be a difficult task.

Rest assured, the coaching staff and players are hard at work preparing for this challenge. But the coaches and players aren’t the only ones who are preparing for this game.

While this group often goes under the radar, they have always been ready for the Cyclones regardless of the location and situation. This group is none other than the corners of the basketball court, and none are busier than the corners in Hilton Coliseum.

If you’ve ever heard this sequence...

Walters: “Tyrese passes to the corner...”

*officials whistle*

Walters: “And _______ (insert ISU guard here) stepped out of bounds”

... you now know who is responsible.

WRNL investigative reporter Jared Larson was in Hilton yesterday during the Corners’ availability and was able to ask this pesky squad a few questions.

Jared Larson: “Corners, thanks for taking some time to talk with us today. What is it about this building that makes what you do so special?”

Corners: “You know, the crowd does a really great job of spurring the team on, especially in key situations. We see it as our job to get in their way, especially when you least expect. We are kind of the home-team antagonist, if you will.”

Jared Larson: “How do you go about preparing for key games like tonight’s?”

Corners: “To be honest we really just lay around and wait. The ISU guards find us several times a game, no matter what. The regularity of it is surprising and kind of hilarious, to be honest with you”

Jared Larson: “What originally attracted you to Ames and Hilton Coliseum? The electric atmosphere? Maybe brunch at Stomping Grounds?”

Corners: “Honestly, it really came down to Iowa State University deciding to paint the apron of their basketball court. We saw them painting both the baselines and the sidelines, and we decided that we wanted to be right where they meet.”

Jared Larson: “Which ISU players have visited you the most?”

Corners: “Oh come on, that one is a softball. Matt Thomas, without a doubt. He used to step on us all the time. But I’ll tell you what, that Caleb Grill is giving him a run for his money. Plays a similar style, too. Heck this whole team loves stepping out of bounds in our area”.

While the corner three is one of the most efficient shots in basketball, the movement of the three-point line has led to a boom in business for the Corners, especially with this year’s ISU squad. Check back in to WRNL for more groundbreaking investigative reporting on whether the Cyclones can turn the corner on the 2019-20 season.