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The Mid-Morning Dump: LeBron Wins His 4th NBA Title, Vikings Choke

Oh and the Cyclones won!

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ALL THE CYLINDERS. Is how Randy describes Iowa State’s offense at this point in time.

BEST YET TO COME. The Cyclones are playing well, but they can play better.

NOTEBOOK. Rob Gray has some excellent thoughts on Saturday’s win here.


ALEX SMITH IS BACK. Felt the need to lead with this incredible story, even though his first pass was a check-down...

LAKERS WIN. And LeBron got his 4th NBA title.

TIME TO END THE DEBATE. Is there anything more tired than the LeBron - MJ debate?

RIP DAK PRESCOTT’S ANKLE. Dak suffered a horrible ankle fracture that is likely to have long-term effects on his game and his contract situation.

0 POSITIVE TESTS. Which means Titans-Patriots is likely a go.

NFL WINNERS AND LOSERS. Hint: The Browns are winning, and the Vikings are losing.

ZIM DEFENDS DECISION. I hate being a Vikings fan.

LEFT BEHIND. The Laker’s bus left Quinn Cook, forcing him to walk to his hotel after winning the NBA title.

GO RAYS. The Rays beat the Trash Cans last night.

CFB WINNERS AND LOSERS. The big loser here is the SEC.