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Let the rose ceremonies begin...

WEEKEND RUNDOWN If you haven’t already, here’s a look at the power rankings, post mortem, and game recap.

STAYING HOME 4 star recruit Tucker DeVries is staying at Drake after offers from Iowa State, Oregon, and Creighton.

THE RUN 18 years ago, Seneca Wallace ran 140 yards for a 12 yard rushing touchdown. Also, Iowa State beating Tech is an Iowa State football tradition at this point.

TUESDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL The best three words in sports? NFL does their own take on MACtion tonight. Here’s why they’ll be NFL football on your tv tonight.

GOAT TALK After LeBron’s 4th title, in midst of adversity like never before, here’s why Michael Jordan is still the greatest of all time.

BAD DAY TO BE A SHIRT JR Smith’s championship tour starts now. Expect sunglasses, no shirts, and a lot of Hennessey. Congrats to a legend.

MY NETS Whoever came up with this list, boy. My Nets are ranked behind the Sixers, Celtics, Warriors, and Mavericks. The ‘way-too-early’ power rankings living up to their name.

MY NETS PT. 2 Ahhhh, this is better. KD is LeBron’s biggest threat next season, got a nice ring to it.

JOE MORGAN The legendary 2nd baseman for the Cincinnati Reds passed a way yesterday. Morgan’s storied career is one worth learning.

ROSES The bachelorette season premiere airs tonight. Need I say more? Not even a pandemic can stop these instagram models making fools of themselves on national television.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK As above, so below. Something about that piano on the intro, got damn do I wish OutKast was still making music.