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The Mid-Morning Dump: Keeping it Tight

and could Iowa State have an actual Heisman contender again?

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CONVICED? Chris Williams took a look at the Cyclones’ convincing win over Texas Tech last Saturday.

KEEPING IT TIGHT How Iowa State’s performance off the field in controlling the spread of COVID-19 is just as important as their on-field performance, especially after Baylor’s recent outbreak.

SURREAL Breece Hall hopped on a video call with Reggie Bush the other day, and it was quite the experience for the talented sophomore.

HEISMAN Breece Hall might not be a real Heisman contender right now, but he’s not too far away.

ICYMI Yesterday was the 18th anniversary of “The Run.”

MAILBAG Derek Duke of Heartland College Sports had his weekly mailbag, and he addressed who he thinks the Big 12 Player of the Year is so far.

OH, HENRY Derrick Henry banished Josh Norman to the shadow realm last night.

AGAINST THE GRAIN Amid California’s ban on high school football during the pandemic, an unsanctioned football league was held to give prospects more exposure. Was it worth it?

DA FANS The Chicago Bears are currently in talks with the city to start allowing fans back into games at Solider Field.

‘CROOTIN What do recruiting expectations look like for each Big 12 team?