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The Mid-Morning Dump: Missing Thursday Night Football

Even thought the matchups are usually sub par as well as the performances, Thursday felt weird without the NFL.

GET HYPED Men’s and Women’s Basketball had their first practice of the season.

KEEP IT ROLLING After a rough start to the season ISU football has been rolling and looks to do the same coming out of the bye week.

LOOKING GOOD Tyrese was cookin’ as the NBA Draft quickly approaches.

LEADING THE WAY This shows an unbelievable commitment from our student athletes to their respective programs.

DEFENSIVE NIGHTMARE Le’veon Bell makes one of the leagues best offenses even better.

NCAA MAKING CHANGES Due to Covid-19 the NCAA is allowing an extra year of eligibility to winter sport athletes.

IT ONLY TAKES ONE Daryl Morey stepped down as the GM of the Houston Rockets yesterday, but you can’t help but feel one injury in 2018 could’ve changed that.

DAMN YOU ASTROS Some late game heroics keep the Astros season alive.

ON THE OTHER HAND The Dodgers flop after their huge outburst in game 3.