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The Mid-Morning Dump: World Series Set, Wild NFL Weekend

The Dodgers are back, and the Vikings still stink

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CYCLONES 3.5 POINT UNDERDOG. The Cyclones will be a road dog in their key Big 12 matchup this weekend.

HUGE WEEK FOR THE CYCLONES. Randy breaks it all down here.

TE ATTACK VS ATTACKING DEFENSE. Great article from SI on how ISU plans to attack Okie State’s defense.

ISU - OSU PREVIEW. Check out this nice preview from The Oklahoman.

BIG TIME KICKER. Commitments are exciting, and kicker commitments cause a ruckus.

DODGERS BACK IN THE WORLD SERIES. It wasn’t easy, but they fought their way there.

WORLD SERIES PREVIEW. The Tampa Bay Rays will take on the LA Dodgers.

MASSIVE LAWSUIT COMING. Gary Barta seems to be a lawsuit magnet.

HOW LONG WILL THEY LAST? There aren’t many undefeated teams left.

CFB POWER RANKINGS. Iowa State checks in at 19th.

SUH AND RODGERS DON’T LIKE EACH OTHER. Honestly I don’t like either of them.

ARE THE STEELERS THE BEST TEAM IN THE NFL? After dismantling the Browns, maybe?

DON’T GIVE UP ON BAKER. He had a rough game in Pittsburg though.

A LEGEND RETIRES. Legendary NHL broadcaster Mike “Doc” Emrick is retiring.

ALL NFL GAMES ARE A GO. And we will get 5 PM Monday night fooball.

NEW MAN ON THE MINNESOTA VIKINGS? Kirk Cousins has gotta stop throwing picks.