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Defensive Player To Watch: Greg Eisworth

The secondary will need to step up big on Saturday

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Texas Christian Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

If there was one weak spot to the Iowa State defense last weekend, it was the secondary. Particularly the safeties of Iowa State. I am not saying Greg Eisworth was the problem, but he may need to be the solution. He is going to have to help lead the Iowa State secondary and rebound a bit to defeat Oklahoma on Saturday.

So far this season, Eisworth has 10 total tackles on the season. It seems they haven’t been using him much in versatile roles now that Isheem Young is on the field. He takes a way a few of those snaps from Eisworth but he still the same hard hitting safety he has always been.

Eisworth was hardly the one causing the issues in the secondary on Saturday, but he is going to have to step up and cover up any issues that may still be lingering from last Saturday. With Oklahoma have turnover issues last weekend there potentially will be some opportunities for this Iowa State defense to capitalize on that as well.

Eisworth has always been key in stopping the run game. Right now Oklahoma’s rushing attack isn’t as strong as we have seen it in the past. The running back room is a little depleted and the offensive line is struggling to start the season. If Iowa State can eliminate the run completely and put Spencer Rattler in the hands of Jon Heacock, it could get a little interesting.

Folks in Norman are not high on this Oklahoma team right now, and Iowa State appears to be finding their way after a crushing start. This is going to be a fun one on Saturday night.