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Litecast: Football Check In and Bachelorette Early Season Recap

The drama is really heating up.

It’s a two man show this week as Matt and Austin break down Iowa State’s win over Texas Tech 2 weeks ago, and how we think the Cyclones are handling success this year. Since the game included a special teams blunder, we had to get Matt’s take on the state of important element. Next on tap is a game at Oklahoma State for 1st in the Big 12. Find out what the guys think are the most important aspects of Saturday’s game, and some factors that should work in Iowa State’s favor.

With the catch up on football complete, it was time for a recap of the first 2 weeks of this season of the Bachelorette. We discuss Clare’s not-so-obvious frontrunner, the memorable introductions from the first episode, and our thoughts on her performance to this point. Episode 2 contained three memorable dates and some hilarious editing. Last but not least, Matt had to face the music of a disappointing Vikings season, but luckily he has the Browns to fall back on. Thanks as always to Es Tas Bar & Grill for sponsoring!