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The Mid-Morning Dump: RIP Matt Blair

The Cyclone community lost one of the greatest yesterday.

ONE OF THE GREATEST Matt Blair was one of the best players in ISU football history, and he will be missed.

THE NEXT STEP Women’s soccer has a chance to improve their record against a struggling Texas Tech squad.

BIG TEST Women’s volleyball hopes to turn their season around in their matchup against Baylor.

A CLOUDY FUTURE There are lots of questions to be asked going into the college basketball season after an abrupt end to our less than stellar season.

HAVE A NICE FALL Danny Dimes came up short on this run and in the clutch against the Eagles last night.

WENTZMAGIC Carson Wentz sealed off the fourth quarter comeback with a dot

This puts Philly at the top of their division with a tremendous record of 2-4-1.

TIME FOR A TURNAROUND After the T-Wolves landed the #1 pick in the draft, its unlocked a myriad of options for a team with young stars to build around.

WHY GET HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE? After trading for the stud OLB in the offseason, the Vikings have already shipped Yannick Ngakoue.

CATCH UP ON THE ACTION See the results after the first round of Europa League games and the best moments from a goal filled day.