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The Mid-Morning Dump: World Series Drama, Wild NFL Weekend, Big 10 is Back

We all need a cigarette after that sports weekend

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CLEAN IT UP. The Cyclones can still achieve all their goals if the clean up some issues.

NOT GREAT, BOB. The ISU offense ended up in simply too many 3rd and longs.

THREE UP THREE DOWN. Solid analysis from Chris Williams on what went right and wrong.

CLAMP STATUS: ON. Oklahoma State’s defense really put the clamps on the Cyclone offense.

WHAT THEY SAID. Check out player reaction from the Cyclones here.

AP POLL UPDATE. Cyclones still check in at 23.

MIRACULOUS VICTORY. Gave 4 of the World Series produced one of the most bizarre and exciting endings of all time.

DODGERS TAKE GAME 5. And now have a 3-2 series lead.

KERSHAW QUITES HATERS. He has been good in this World Series for the first time ever.

DALLAS COWBOYS ARE DEAD. And after that hit, Andy Dalton might be too.

OBJ OUT. For the season with a torn ACL.

DK METCALF. That’s it, that’s the caption. He is also a cyborg.

TODD GURLEY, ANGRY AT HIMSELF. If Gurley doesn’t score, the Falcons win. Instead, well. They did what the Falcons do.


WINDIANA IS BACK BABY. What an absolutely bizarre win over Penn State.

WISKY QB HAS COVID. Oof dah, Mertz shoulda worn a masak.

BIG 10 REACTIONS. Week one featured a Michigan blowout, a delightful Iowa loss, Rutgers winning, Northwestern looking amazing, and Penn State going down.

STRANGER THINGS SEASON 3 LOOKS WILD. We got the murder hornets, everyone.