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This Week in GIFs: Oklahoma State Handles Iowa State

The Cowboys defense suffocated the ‘Clones on Saturday

Iowa State v Oklahoma State Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Winning a Big 12 road game against a ranked team as a ranked team should be doable, right?

OSU decided to run the missed field goal play.

A Mike Rose interception, taking a 7-0 lead, AND Brock Purdy running the football??

Fair catch at the 5 yard line?

After a long Breece Hall run, the Cyclones went backwards and missed a field goal.

Oklahoma State very quickly put up 14 points.

And Connor Assalley missed two field goals.

The Iowa State defense was out there trying to tackle Hubbard like:

Both teams started the first half by trading interceptions.

And Breece Hall scored on a 66 yard sprint to stymie OSU’s momentum.

Breece Hall saving the ISU offense from disaster all day like:

We decided not to play defense and let the Cowboys take the lead.

The Cyclone offense in the second half was, well.

Charlie Kolar had a back-breaking drop.

The Cyclone offense would get a late touchdown, but it mattered little.

The ISU offensive line leaving the stadium probably looked something like this.

Tom Manning logging off Twitter after the game like:

At the end of the day, though OSU is really good and Iowa State played tough, it was another loss in a key road game.