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The Mid-Morning Dump: Dodgers Win the World Series

and Justin Turner may be in some trouble?

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TURNOVERS The Cyclone defense is starting to generate turnovers, something they struggled with in 2019, and they’re coming in times of need.

NO WORRIES Apparently, Matt Campbell isn’t worried about the kicking game.

VOTING Iowa State football is emphasizing the importance of voting to everybody within the program.

BREECE MODE Where does Breece Hall stand among Matt Campbell’s great running backs?

ROSE GOLD Mike Rose put in work this offseason, and he’s reaping the rewards.

THE BULLS? Reports are the Chicago Bulls are targeting Tyrese Haliburton with their 4th overall pick.

DODGERS After years of getting really close, the LA Dodgers finally won the World Series last night.

HOWEVER The World Series couldn’t end without controversy, as Justin Turner was seen celebrating on the field with his teammates after being pulled from the game for testing positive for COVID.

THE FREAK What do the Bucks need to do with their salary cap to keep Giannis Antetokunmpo?

GLUTTONY Amid athletic department deficits, UCLA football is spending more money on food than any other program in college football.

THE HOOK Blake Snell was pitching the game of his life for Rays last night before the manager inexplicably pulled him out of the game, which backfired immediately.