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Defensive Player To Watch: Jake Hummel

Hummel is the second leading tackler on the team

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Texas Christian Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Hummel has quickly vaulted himself into the discussion for Iowa State’s best overall defensive player. Hummel has quietly had himself a big season and was all over the field in the game against Oklahoma State last weekend. Hummel finished that game with 10 tackles, leading the team with Mike Rose. Coincidentally, the two are tied for the team lead in tackles.

The Kansas offense is the definition of a struggle bus right now. They are averaging 15 points a game, 148 yards passing and 124 yards rushing. All which was 75th in the country or worse. With their best offensive weapon Pooka Williams now opting out of the season, it’s probably not going to get any better for the Jayhawks on Saturday. The Iowa State defense should have no trouble shutting down Kansas on Saturday and it will be easy pickings for the line backing core for Iowa State.

I expect Jake Hummel to have a big day in the tackling department, setting up a battle for him and Mike Rose down the stretch for the teams top tackler spot on the season. Fortunately, with the season not counting towards eligibility we should have these two back again for 2021 as well.

Don’t forget the sweet mustache game he is pulling off right now. The guy looks like he is apart of the Three Musketeers.