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Offensive Player to Watch vs. Kansas: Breece Hall

The best running back in the country (yeah I said it) needs to continue to dominate.

Oklahoma v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

It’s no secret that Breece Hall is dominating to this point in the season. On 113 attempts, Hall has racked up 716 yards rushing with 9 touchdowns. Check out this fun graphic:

Men lie, women lie, but stats don’t lie.

Last week, Breece Hall and company faced what was probably the best defense they will see in the Big 12 this year in Oklahoma State. Hall was still able to get over that 100 yard mark once again, with 185 yards on 20 carries for a pair of scores. Granted, he had two 65+ rushes, but if he can get that many yards I don’t think it matters how he does it.

Kansas’ defense has not proven that they are able to contain an elderly woman in a motorized scooter, they give up an average of 207.6 yards per game on the ground and I don’t see them coming close to containing Breece Hall this weekend. A little comparison would be how KU matched up with Okie State running back Chuba Hubbard, where Chuba had 145 yards on 20 carries two touchdowns.

Iowa State is looking for a big bounce-back week, currently sitting at 4 touchdown favorites, so it would not be crazy for Breece Hall to run wild. What I think might be the best part of Breece potentially having a big game, is that hopefully it allows the defense to get too aggressive and then we would get to see the pass game develop into what we all have been looking for. Whether Hall does it for himself or for the team, we will all be keyed into his performance.