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The Mid-Morning Dump: What if there were no three pointers?

A horrible timeline, examined.

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OH CAPTAINS, MY CAPTAINS Did you notice that Iowa State has 20 captains this season? Well, there’s a good reason for that.

BAROMETER How Oklahoma has become the standard with which Iowa State measures its progression as a program.

HOMETOWN KID Iowa State’s win over Oklahoma was extra special for Norman native Charlie Kolar.

GOING PRO? Walter Football released their 2021 QB Draft Rankings, and Brock Purdy is in the top ten.

MANDEL MAILBAG (paywall) Stewart Mandel talks about changing the perception around Iowa State in the face of the loss to Louisiana.

PLAYOFF RONDO is back, and he’s crediting Frank Vogel and Rob Pelinka for helping him step in the NBA Finals.

APOLOGIZE TO NOBODY Ronald Acuna Jr. hit a huge leadoff homer for the Braves, and talked his talk. Now, he’s not apologizing to anyone.

THINGS I’LL NEVER FORGET Barry Sanders talks about his upbringing, and how it shaped him into becoming one of the best running backs of all time.

MORE COVID PROBLEMS The New England Patriots are enduring a spate of positive COVID tests, which have now made their way to star defensive back Stephon Gilmore.

WHAT IF the three point line never happened?