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The Mid-Morning Dump: Basketball is Creeping Up

Also, is Farmaggedon in Jeopardy?!

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FARMAGGEDON IN JEOPARDY? K-State has had seen its active cases of COVID-19 tick up on the team this week.

HOOPS! A preview of the ISU men’s basketball team’s roster, which has just three returning starters, brought to you by the Daily.

EXPECT GOOD THINGS The ISU Women’s Basketball Team is ranked No. 15 in the AP poll, its highest ranking since 2001-02.

NO, TIDE, NO The Alabama/LSU game this weekend has been postponed because of a COVID-19 outbreak.

NOT SETTLING The lawyer representing Iowa football players regarding racial discrimination has pulled the option to settle off the table.

SHAPING A SEASON The NHL is trying to determine how to play its 2020-21 season this year, and hasn’t ruled out possible temporary realignment.

SHOCKER Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall will part ways with the school after allegations of abuse and assault.