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The Mid-Morning Dump: DJ Wins the Masters, Madness in a Bubble

Oh and Iowa State plays football on Saturday

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JOENS, ALL AMERICAN. Ashley is set up to have a very special season.

BIG 12 POWER RANKINGS. Iowa State is listed as 2nd in the Big 12 behind OSU.

BIG COMMITT. The Cyclones picked up a big verbal commitment from an Ohio athelte.

FOSTERING EXPECTATIONS. Xavier Foster, what should we expect from him?

WELL DONE, DJ. Dustin Johnson is finally a Master’s Champion.

RELATABLE, TIGER. Tiger Woods shot a 10 on a par-3 at Augusta.

MADNESS IN A BUBBLE. NCAA tournament will be played in a bubble in Indianapolis.

MUSCHAMP FIRED. Is anyone surprised by this?

BOWL PREDICTIONS. ISU to the Alamo Bowl again.

UH OH. LSU apparently ignored sexual assault complaints against football players.

BIGGEST LOSER. No, not that weight loss show. Michigan.

WHATS WRONG WITH THE RAVENS. Apparently they are just bad now.

HAIL MARY. Imagine giving away Deandre Hopkins for a stick of gum.

BAD BEAT. Ala Nick Chubb’s decision at the one yard line.

KICK PICK SIX. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I LOVE THIS MAN. Lane Kiffin is a treasure.