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The Mid-Morning Dump: Cap or No Cap

What does it all mean?!?

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BYE WEEK BLUES No game recap or post mortem this week. But that didn’t stop the WRNL crew from writing some great football pieces this past week, talking about the downfalls of Campbell’s Novembers and Breece Lightning.

FAR-MABYE-GEDDON A covid outbreak at Kansas State has this weekend’s pivotal game at risk of not being played.

DRAFT DAY Tyrese’s big day is approaching. Find out more about the teams that could pick him in our NBA speed dating series!

NADER OUT Nader was sent off to Phoenix in the Chris Paul trade.

BROOOOKLYN As the only Brooklyn Nets fan in the state of Iowa, twitter was very fun for me last night.

WHAT THE CAP Harden’s cryptic ‘cap’ video had NBA twitter putting on their conspiracy caps trying to determine what Harden meant. For those unaware, cap essentially means bullshit. So ‘no cap’= ‘I’m serious’ ‘cap’ = ‘I’m bullshitting you’

SLITHER SILTHER 4 LIFE WRNL’s very own Jar Lar covered the No. 3 Sigourney-Keota Cobras as they took on No. 1 OA-BCIG in the UNI-Dome. And as always, he took some excellent photos.

ABOUT THAT... Remember when AB signed with the Bucs? didn’t take him long to get settled in with some terrible decisions.

AND THE NUMBER ONE PICK IS Anthony Edwards is certainly in that conversation. Marc Spears with the atypical pre-draft interview.

PRIMETIME KIRK Kirk Cousins secured a rare win on primetime TV against a now injured Nick Foles.

THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT Phoenix went from a 8 seed contender, to a tough team in the NBA’s toughest division yesterday.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK No sleep till James Harden is a Net, and No Sleep till Brooklyn.