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Iowa State Shitcans Kansas State, 45-0

well that was fun

Baylor v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

Coming into the 2020 edition of Farmageddon, its fair to say that most people thought the 11 point spread Vegas put out for this game was too much. There’s no way this game is more than a touchdown difference, right?


Iowa State fielded the opening kickoff and dominated pretty much from then on. On the back of a nifty third down conversion that involved Jirehl lead blocking for Xavier Hutchinson after a catch underneath, Brock Purdy found Joe Scates for a long touchdown on a perfectly thrown touch pass.

Good start, but how would the defense handle the bruising Kansas State rushing attack? After the Wildcats were able to drive down the field, the Cyclone defense made a critical goal line stand on fourth down and earned a turnover on downs. Then, Iowa State proceeded to drive 97 yards over the next six minutes or so on the legs and arm of Brock Purdy, eventually putting the good guys up two scores on a TD pass to Charlie Kolar. Two Breece touchdowns and another Hutchinson touchdown later, and Iowa State was taking an absolutely ridiculous 35-0 lead into halftime.

The second half was largely uneventful, with the remaining ten points coming on a Conor Assalley field goal and a Hunter Dekkers (!) rushing touchdown.

All-in-all, a magnificent performance for the Cyclones, putting them in position to all but lock up a title game berth next weekend with a win at Texas.

Full ISU Stats: