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The Mid-Morning Dump: On to Texas

Huge opportunity for the Cyclones looms on Friday

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ALONE AT THE TOP. And Randy has some thoughts about that.

NOTEBOOK. Excellent work from the fellas at CF on some game notes from Saturday.

FOOTBALL RECAP. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from the Big 12.

MOVIES AND GAME NIGHTS. Here’s how Fennelly got his new recruiting class up to speed.

PLAYOFF UPDATE. Pat Forde has you covered on how the top teams are trending.

WINDIANA? Somehow, Indiana is the surprise of the football season.

“INSPIRING EFFORT”. Well, should it really take Michigan an inspired effort to beat Rutgers?

BLAME GAME. Dabo think’s Florida State used Covid as an excuse to not play Clemson.

NBA FREE AGENCY. Winners and losers.

FANTASY FOOTBALL UPDATE. The playoffs are coming, folks.

BURROH NO. Joe Burro got hurt, and it’s probably Cincinnati’s fault.

UNDERTAKER. Derek Carr is a meme now.

TUA BENCHED. I’m not really sure why this happened.

MVS FUMBLES. And the Packers lose to the Colts.