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The Mid-Morning Dump: Breece Hall is better than your favorite team’s running back

Unless your favorite team is Iowa State

WEEKEND RUNDOWN In case you forgot, Iowa State ‘shit canned’ Kansas State 45-0 this week. Here’s the recap, power rankings, new AP spot, and post-mortem.

FRONT RUNNER You would be hard pressed to find a rushing category in college football that doesn’t have Breece Hall in the top 3

HALL FOR HEISMAN Breece Hall hasn’t gotten any real Heisman buzz, but looking at former Heisman RB winners, he probably should be.

THE COOLEST PHOTO POSSIBLY EVER S/o to Brian Powers of USA Today for this incredible shot. Also s/o for Matthias’ tweet doing NUMBERS.

KEEPING UP WITH THE JOENSES That is not a spelling error, also Iowa State has a top 10 player in woman’s college basketball. She’s also a Big 12 POY candidate.

FENNELLY UPDATE The Iowa State head coach will be sidelined with COVID to start the highly anticipated season.

ALSO MEN’S BASKETBALL, I GUESS I for one am not super optimistic for the Cyclones this season, but I would be okay with being pleasantly surprised. Their first game is in under a week.

MATT GAY REVENGE GAME The former Tampa Bay kicker put the Rams up three against his former team on Monday night.

SHOTS FIRED That didn’t take long. Former Suns player, Kelley Oubre Jr. is already taking shots at his old team.

BUTTS AND BASKETBALL The Pope is a simple man. Besides liking thirst traps on Instagram, the Pope also set some time away for talking social justice with current NBA players.

THE SMOKE CLEARS NBA free agency is almost over, trades can still happen but most of the names have signed. Take a look at which teams made the most impact.

GOAT TALK Mahommes went to phenom, to possibly the greatest QB of all time. It’s early in his career, but we’re witnessing greatness.

TREZZ THE SNAKE I never got why some players are labeled as snakes and some aren’t. Montrezl Harrell moving from city rival, to the other city rival, seems like a snake move, idk.

BIRD-EATING TREE I mean, if you don’t click on this, why did you even scroll down this far.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK We’re gonna go with a little Cam’Ron ‘Hey Ma’ for this week. Enjoy.