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69 YARDS TO DESTINY: Cyclones Defeat Texas, 23-20

Holy shit, man. Horns Down.

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Texas American Statesman-USA TODAY NETWORK

Nothing like some good ole fashion Friday night morning football, right? The 1st place Cyclones head to Austin, Texas to take on the Texas Longhorns, in a match up that has very big conference title implications. With a win, Iowa State would clinch a spot in the Big 12 title game for the first time in school history. ISU -1.0, let’s have a heckin’ day.

Iowa State kicks off to start the game, Texas sets up their offense at the 25 yard line. The Longhorns waste no time, going 74 yards in just under 3 and a half minutes only to be stuffed at the goaline. The possession would yield to a 21 yard field goal, 3-0 Texas.

The Cyclones get their first offensive possession at their own 30 yard line, but were unable to get anything going. 3 and out for the ‘Clones. A punt put Texas on their own 37, and their run game continued to find holes in Jon Heacock’s defense early. A quick drive down the field led to a Sam Ehlinger rushing touchdown from 17 yards out to give the Longhorns a 10-0 lead just 7 and a half minutes into the game.

Brock Purdy and the Cyclone offense sets up shop at the 25 yard line. Tarique Milton makes his first couple catches since the OU game, and a big personal foul all of a sudden had the ‘Clones-a-rollin in Texas territory. Tom Manning said he had enough of that ‘not gaining yards play’ and finally runs the touchdown play to Sean Shaw Jr on a 35 yard pitch and catch to bring the Cyclones back within 3, 10-7 Texas.

Drake Nettles kicks it deep and the Longhorns look to continue their consistent offense from their own 20. A few first downs by Texas early in their drive, but Isheem Young uses the hit stick to force a fumble. Apparently he did not take a third step so the play would be reviewed and it stands! Suck it Big 12 and Texas. No one knows what a catch is and the Cyclones take over from their own 17 yard line. Iowa State, however, would be forced to punt.

Sam Ehlinger once again slices apart Iowa State’s defense, but Dicker the kicker doinks the field goal attempt. Iowa State of course lined up over the long snapper so Texas capitalizes and makes the 42 yard field goal, 13-7 at the end of the first quarter. Breece Hall finally breaks loose for a big run, but a holding penalty brings it back. While penalties are no fun, that’s a sign of life from the run game. A steady drive and a crucial 4th down conversion leads to a goal-to-go situation and Connor Assalley connects from 26 yards out to make it a 3 point game once again, 13-10.

Latrell Bankston finally forces some pressure and gets a sack on 3rd down to send out the punt unit for Texas for the first time today. With just over 2 minutes left in the half, Iowa State was looking to get a quick score before the half to potentially tie or take the lead into the break. Brock Purdy leads a very impressive drive to set up a Connor Assalley field goal that would miss....wide right. 13-10 Longhorns at the half.

Iowa State receives the second half kickoff and will open up the drive at the 25 yard line. An early dosage of Breece Hall and Tarique Milton had the offense moving early in the 3rd quarter, but a 3rd down stuff by the Texas defensive line forced Joe Rivera to punt. Texas picks apart Iowa State’s secondary once again and drives down the field with minimal issues to extend their lead with a touchdown, 20-10 now.

In their second possession of the second half, Brock Purdy fed the Chuck Kolar machine time and time again to quickly move the offense down the field and into the red zone. Purdy gets body slammed about 2 feet out of bounds on 3rd and goal, but there is no flag. Assalley knocks through his second field goal of the day to make it a 20-13 game.

The fighting Bevos return the ensuing kickoff to the 50 yard line, so, not ideal. Tom Herman thought he could out-smart Iowa State but Rory Walling made an excellent tackle to shut down the Longhorn fake punt. Brock Purdy wastes no time and goes right back to Charlie Kolar for 44 yards to give Iowa State the football in the red zone once again. A killer holding penalty pushed the Cyclones back to a 2nd and 17, and they were unable to gain any yards after that. Connor Assalley kicks his 3rd field goal of the day and ISU trails 20-16 with almost a full quarter to play.

Iowa State’s defense continued to struggle on 3rd down and Texas keeps on moving the ball. A lot of Ehlinger runs and missed tackles sets up the Longhorns deep into Cyclone territory, but Mike Rose and Jaquan Bailey say they’ve had enough and come up with a big stop on 4th and 1, Cyclone football!

With 8 minutes to go, the Whirlybirds are looking for nothing less than a touchdown. Texas’ defensive line has stuffed the run all day long, so Brock Purdy is going to have to will the Cyclones to a victory. Although they moved the ball a little bit, a punt gives UT the ball back with 4 minutes to play. While this was a little questionable, Iowa State is able to force a a 3 and out and get the ball back with 3:09 left to play. This will likely be it for the Iowa State offense, a chance to win and be in a great spot to play in a Big 12 title game. 69 yards and 189 seconds.

Breece Hall opens the drive with a nice run and Brock Purdy finds Dylan Soehner to, all of a sudden, put Iowa State within striking distance. Kolar makes a catch and the Cyclones have the ball on the 12 yard line. Idk. Breece Hall gets the carry and brings the ball within the 2 yard line. Matt Campbell and company on the cusp of the biggest win in Cyclone history.


Sam Ehlinger and Texas start their drive with 80 seconds to play from the 23 yard line. A holding penalty sets Texas back to their 13 yard line. A gain of 8 brings up a 3rd and 11. First down Texas. (STAY CALM STAY HECKING CALM) 13 seconds remain, ball on the ISU 36. Now 3rd and 10 with 10 seconds left. BAH GAWD THAT’S LATRELL BANKSTON MUSIC, BIG SACK. Out comes Cameron Dicker, an 57 yard field goal to tie the game and send it to overtime. Snap good, hold good, kick on the way and it is...WIDE LEFT. HAPPY BEERS AND HAPPY TEARS. CYCLONES WIN! CYCLONES WIN!

I would single one player out, but everyone just played some great football. Brock Purdy, Breece Hall, Charlie Kolar, Dylan Soehner, Sean Shaw, the offensive line, the defense, everything. I’m speechless.

Let’s go to our expert analysis, Cyclone Larry: “Brock Purdy big dicks the Longhorns on final possession of senior day while Diet Tebow has to stand helpless on the sidelines becoming the only 4 year starter in Texas history to never win a conference championship.”

Thanks Larry. Now over to our analyst on the scene, Marchie Murdock.

Nothing else to say, Cyclones are 7-1 in the Big 12. Horns Down, Roll Clones.