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The Mid-Morning Dump: Slow News Day

Nothing really going on in America today *shrug*

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WEEKEND RECAP Here’s a look at everything WRNL over the weekend including the post-mortem, and the game recap.

THE ‘SHIP Ol’ Randy takes a look at how Iowa State could make their way to the Big 12 Championship game for the first time in school history.

HITS DIFFERENT Isheem Young is a projectile missile in the secondary for the Cyclones. He’s also very good at what he does.

DAVIS NUMBERS Also, Breece Hall is doing things we haven’t seen since guys with ‘Davis’ on the back of their jerseys were at Iowa State.

MONDAY NIGHT DRAMA Every football fan’s dream, a game that comes down to an officiating decision.

CHRISTMAS COMES EARLY Adam Silver is hoping for an NBA tip off pre-Christmas. Just one day closer to my Nets winning a championship, folks.

VOTE STADIUM Nearly 30 sports venues turned into voting sites today.

MOCK DIRTY TO ME I love Kevin O’Connor’s NBA mock draft more than anything in the world. Tyrese has been slotted at that 7th pick for a long time in lots of mocks.

WE NEED ANSWERS Here are the questions, and subsequent answers for each NFL division as we reach the midway point of the NFL season.

BIG EAZY Stan Van Gundy focuses in on culture as he leads one of the most promising young teams into the future.

YEAR OF THE RUSS Many projected this would be the year Russ captures that elusive league MVP, it looks like they could be right.

98.3 OF THE VIBE What’s better than an uplifting beat by a presidential candidate on election day?