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Three Things We Learned: Kansas


NCAA Football: Iowa State at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Breece Hall is the best running back in the country

Command C, Command V...

This is a line that I can just copy and paste at this point, Breece Hall played out of his mind once again on Saturday. With two touchdowns and 185 yards, Hall is continuing to shoot to the top of country in every statistical category. He currently ranks second in rushing yards, second in touchdowns and first in rushing yards per game with 150.2 yards per game.

Cyclone fans, put down your Natty Lite and pick up some Koolaid. The best running back in the country is a silky smooth and quick cutting sophomore that resides in Ames, Iowa. Breece Hall won’t win the Heisman, but it’s time to put him in the running.

Holding is the only thing that can stop Will McDonald

Will McDonald recorded two tackles for loss and a sack on Saturday, while also drawing two separate holding calls. Let’s be honest, if the other team got called for holding every time they held McDonald, it would be close to 10 every game.

McDonald is turning into an animal, and that was highlighted on Saturday when he was blowing up the line of scrimmage every play while causing havoc for the quarterback. It’s becoming more and more true that they only way to stop him is by cheating.

Special Teams... still are bad

Connor Assalley missed an extra point, they gave up a 100-yard (104) kick return for a touchdown and had a 14-yard punt. It didn’t matter because they were playing Kansas, but if the special teams has a performance like this in a big game, it will leave a big sour taste in fan’s mouths.

Also, for the love of Johnny Orr, please hire a special teams coach.