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Mid-Morning Dump: NEW UNIFORM SZN

Iowa State busts out a new combo.

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NEW UNI COMBO According to our very own JarLar OS, Iowa State will be wearing this uniform for the first time ever.

CHUCK Charlie Kolar is the offensive player to watch this week, here’s why.

THAT IS WHAT ELITE IS Breece Hall is just getting started.

GIANTS DID MESS THIS UP New York football Giant safety Logan Ryan, credits team trainer for saving his wife’s life.

OOF Golden Tate’s wife however, is not happy with the Giants.

NBA DRAMA IS BACK Devin Booker might not want to be with the Phoenix Suns much longer.

MACTION IS BACK I would provide a tweet or a link, but that wouldn’t do justice. Click this link to explore the #MACtion on Twitter. Beautiful.

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT to my sister and the rest of the Gladbrook-Reinbeck volleyball team as they will play for the 1A State Championship tonight.