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WRNL Interrogates: Our Daily Bears

The new look Baylor Bears are coming to Ames

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 24 Baylor at Texas Photo by John Rivera/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We needed some insight on the new Baylor Bears under Head Coach Dave Aranda. So, we asked Kendall Kaut of Our Daily Bears to answer a few questions leading up to kickoff on Saturday.

1) Baylor has had it’s fair share of challenges this season. Whether it has been COVID or adjusting to new head man Dave Aranda with no real offseason. What is the overall feeling around the Baylor program?

The Bears have not had a great start to the season. With any first year coach, you can find positive signs, and you can find some that are negative. Aranda is a defensive genius. How far that goes to the skills required to be a head coach is an open question.

2) What’s the biggest hurdle Baylor faces right now? Offense or defense and why?

It’s offense, by a factor of a million. Charlie Brewer’s not played well. The offensive line has been mediocre. Until Brewer can stretch the field or have easier routes that defenses can’t contain, the Bears are in for a difficult run.

3) What player is relatively unknown to Iowa State fans but won’t be after Saturday?

Sqwirl Williams. The running back has been behind John Lovett and Trestan Ebner on the depth chart, but he’ll get a lot of carries Saturday.

4) What is a key for success on Saturday for Baylor?

The Bears probably need to force a few turnovers. If Baylor wins the turnover battle 3-1, they have a chance. If it’s even, their odds are very low.

5) Baylor had a ton of experience last season is the outlook to build that expletive back up looking good or will it take some time under Aranda?

Tough to say. That’s a good question. The defense has not fallen off much. They had a rough first half against TCU, but after a tough week when Lovett and Ebner planned to opt-out of the season, they buckled down in the second half. But the offense is catastrophic. And if that doesn’t get turned away, it’s not going to be good.

6) What is your prediction for Saturday?

Iowa State is so inconsistent that there’s a small case for a Baylor victory. I don’t bet on small cases though. The Cyclones offense hits a few big plays, and they contain Baylor’s. I’ll take Iowa State 27-14.