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This Week in GIFs: A Program Changing Win Over Texas

This victory was a long-awaited and hard earned.

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Texas Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Waking early Friday morning and acting like we were all ok was a challenge.

This game had Cyclone fans feeling all sorts of nervous...

And a little bit afraid.

Texas didn’t help things by moving the ball on the Cyclone defense with ease.

Me after Datrone Young got burned again and again.

The next series featured a nice drive capped by a Sean Shaw Jr. touchdown.

Wait who caught that ball, is that Tarique Milton?

Me when Latrell Bankston lined up over the center on that field goal:

Missing a field goal to end the half after giving Texas 3 free points was fun.

Tom Manning finally decided to just feed Charlie Kolar on every play.

And John Heacock adjusted to what Texas was doing brilliantly.

Tom Herman thought he was smart by trying a fake punt.

The Cyclone defense came up with a crucial 4th down stop in the red zone.

Mid-way through the fourth quarter, there was a lot happening inside all of our bodies.

Matt Campbell’s decision to punt with 4 minutes left down 4 at midfield had people fired up.

But the Cyclone defense forced a 3 and out, so shows how much we know.

Brock Purdy promptly led the offense down the field with ease, taking the lead on a Breece Hall touchdown.

We all very quickly disregarded our Latrell Bankston anger from earlier in the game after his huge sack.

Texas was faced with a 58 yard field goal for the win.

Texas lined up for the kick.

It was long enough.




All of us every day until the West Virginia game is over: