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The Mid-Morning Dump: A Fiesta for the Cyclones?

The latest bowl projections are out.

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A TEMPE FIESTA Stewart Mandel predicts that Iowa State will get the final NY6 at large spot and head to Tempe to play Washington in the Fiesta Bowl.

THINGS TO KNOW The CR Gazette details five things you need to know about West Virginia before this weekend’s Riot Bowl.

MAKING DUE With Tre Jackson sidelined with an injury, the young Cyclones are playing with more size on the floor.

TIME OFF West Virginia’s extended break before this weekend’s game isn’t exactly what they were hoping for.

SIGNED Kevin Dresser signed Yonger Bastida, a Junior world medalist from Cuba, adding to his continually improving roster.


DKM Seattle took home a gritty victory over the Eagles on the back of another big day from DK Metcalf.

NO HOCKEY LEAGUE Could the NHL be headed toward another lockout?

MOVERS Who is going to be moving in today’s College Football Playoff rankings, and does the Big 12 have a shot to get a team in?