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The Mid-Morning Dump: Big 10 Is Stupid and Ugly

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Fire the Big 10 into the sun.

NOT GREAT The Cyclones lose after leading by nearly 20 points.

PURDY COOL Brock Purdy was named the Davey O’Brien National Quarterback of The Week.

BREECE THE BEAST Here’s the updated stats and rankings for the best runningback in the country.

DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS Jaquan Bailey and Will McDonald have been dominant this season.

POOR POOR OSU Despite not playing the amount of qualifying games, the Big Ten ruled that Ohio State will play in the conference title game rather than Indiana.

GO HOOSIERS Here’s a little more detail to that decision.

WE’RE TAKING OUR BALL AND GOING HOME LSU self-imposes a ban when they suck, and Coach K says they should cancel college basketball after a slow start.

INCREDIBLE High school athlete Trashaun Willis received his first D1 offer, oh and he only has one arm.