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The Mid-Morning Dump: Who Flung Shoe

Lots of winners and losers in college football and the NFL this week

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CROOT. Tyler Maro, from Davenport Assumption, committed to the Cyclones over the weekend.

BREAKOUT BLOWOUT. Lexi Donarski is going to be a good one, folks.

RETREAT AND REGROUP. Not much else Steve Prohm’s squad can do.

FOSTERING CONFIDENCE. Xavier Foster played well against Iowa and should earn more minutes moving forward.

WINNERS AND LOSERS. In college football.



AND IN THE NFL. For once, the Bears aren’t losers!

CLEVELAND SPIDERS? The Indians name appears to be kaput.

BUFFALO IS BACK. The Bills handled the Steelers with defense last night.

UH OH. Raiders fired their defensive coordinator after getting wiped by the Colts.

THIS GUY IS RICH NOW. Gus Malzahn was fired and is owed over 20 million by Auburn.

NCAA COACH OF THE YEAR CANDIDATES. Hint: Matt Campbell is one of them.

BAYLOR IN COURT. Not really, but they will appear before the NCAA.

OTHER PLAYERS WHO THREW THINGS. There are plenty, and they are glorious.

THT COOKS. LeBron is just Walmart THT.