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The Mid-Monday Night Football Dump

Lamar Jackson had to poop

SHITTY INTRO This dump is gonna look a little different. I understand other things are going on in the sports world, but last night had so many poop jokes, and this is a daily article with a poop joke in the title... So I’m gonna run with it.

LAMAR WITH THE RUNS Jackson finished with 124 rushing yards, and two rushing touchdowns... and here we go with the poop jokes.

RETURN OF THE BROWNS Jackson was battling the Browns on and off the field, Baker led his team back into the game.

MR. BROWN There’s even Browns in tinsel town worth talking about in this game. Hollywood Brown got loose, but Lamar was able to catch up with him on a crucial 4th down.

NUMBER 2 Both teams went for two at one point in this game, both teams made it happen. Here’s the more unlike two point conversion, of the two.

BACKDOOR COVER Sounds like something Lamar Jackson could’ve used in the third quarter. But also, this looked like a sure fire Browns +3.5 the whole way... until some Pitchy-Pitchy-Woo-Woo

PAUL PIERCE THROWBACK We all remember the Paul Pierce poop wheelchair game. Lamar says it was cramps. We’ll see if he comes clean years from now like Pierce did. In conclusion, man’s gotta poop.

Enjoy your dumps.