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Litecast: The State of the Football Program is Strong

We can’t wait for Saturday.

It’s officially championship game week, and Matt & Austin wanted to take this week’s show to give a state of the program for Matt Campbell and company. We don’t see him going anywhere anytime soon, and a win on Saturday could cement the best season in program history. Plus, we got to think about how much momentum to Cyclones can potentially carry into 2021, and speculate on the NFL futures of a few of the star players on the team. Since the championship game is on Saturday, we had to give our thoughts on Oklahoma and what’s changed about the matchup since the October meeting in Ames. Austin was willing to give a prediction, but Matt wasn’t ready to go there yet. Lastly, with the release of the final CFP rankings before the playoff is announced, we gave our thoughts on the Big Ten and their unending desire to prop up Ohio State. Thanks to the listeners and to Es Tas Bar & Grill for their continued support of this podcast!