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The Mid-Morning Dump: Clean Sweep

The All Big 12 Awards were announced yesterday and it was a good day to be a Cyclone.

5 STAR CULTURE It’s beautiful.

BIG TIME PLAYERS Brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it?

WHY AND HOW THEY WON It would be the longest dump in history if I detailed every award ISU won yesterday, so Levi did it for you.

THE BIG ONE We’ve had some wild games against Oklahoma in the past few years and Saturday will be no different.

HERBET MAGIC The LA rookie continued to ball out with another big performance last night.

BUT AT WHAT COST? Justin Herbert is really good, and that could end up being the Chargers downfall.

ESPN LOST ANOTHER ONE One of the best story tellers in sports will be leaving ESPN to join Fox Sports.

SAD WAY TO END One of the most exciting conference championship games this season was cancelled due to COVID-19.