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Three Things We Learned: Oklahoma Pt. 2

So freaking close.

NCAA Football: Big 12 Championship-Oklahoma at Iowa State Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Heacock is the Professor

I’m the ultimate pessimist, ask any one of our staff members or any of my friends. But even I was able to trust the process when Iowa State was down 24-7, I said to myself, no matter what happens, the defense is going to adjust and give the offense the ability to come back.

I knew that despite the rocky start, Jon Heacock was going to suffocate Oklahoma in the second half. Well, suffocate he did, the Sooners scored just three points that came on the last drive of the game. The defense forced five straight punts before the final field goal.

With all of the inconsistencies of an Iowa State football game (pretty much just special teams,) one thing is for certain; Heacock is going to feel the gameplan and take punches early before knocking you out late.

Abolish Targeting

Alright, I hate blaming the refs. So I’m not going. I’m going straight for the NCAA’s throat. Abolish targeting. Forever. It is without a doubt the worst rule that is in any sport. Unless it’s malicious, like Mace Windu cutting off Jengo Fett’s head, or it happens twice, like unsportsmanlike conduct, a player shouldn’t be ejected for targeting.

This play above certainly could’ve been a penalty, and according to the rules, it was. But man, you can’t toss a kid for this. The NCAA has to change this rule. Whether it’s a 30-yard penalty, a two-level penalty (like flagrant fouls,) I don’t care, just don’t eject a kid for a hit that clearly wasn’t malicious.

We Are So Close

Iowa State had the ball with a chance to win a Big 12 Championship. On a day with three interceptions, two 40+ yard kick returns and several costly penalties, Iowa State played a C game. Despite all of those mistakes, they were a play or two from winning the Big 12 and having an argument for the College Football Playoff.

I know, CoUlDa ShOuLdA wOuLdA, Iowa State didn’t make the plays needed to win the game, but they were dang close. Iowa State is going to another crack at this down the road, but first, let’s go fry some duck down in Glendale.