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Litecast: Previewing the NBA Season (And a Big 12 Championship Wrap Up)

Plus, Texas A&M fans are delusional.

It’s a full house on this week’s Litecast, as Jared Larsen, Jake Brend, and Dylan Coon all join Austin to break down Iowa State’s loss to Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship Game. Brock Purdy may have struggled, and the Cyclones may have come up short, but it’s hard to be discouraged, especially since the future of the program looks bright. But that’s not all, as we had a bone to pick with national football writers, Indiana fans, and Coastal Carolina fans taking issue with Iowa State’s standing in the New Year’s 6. Also, Texas A&M fans needed to face the music with their exclusion from the College Football Playoff. This podcast wrapped up with our official 2021 NBA season preview, a Nets Minute from Dylan, and plenty of superlatives that we see playing out this season. Happy holidays to all of our listeners. We appreciate your downloads and support. And thanks as always to Es Tas Bar & Grill for their continued sponsorship of this podcast.