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Oregon had a “Duck” uniform, so why shouldn’t we have a Lancelot & Elaine uniform?

Feel free to glance a lot or a little at these uniform concepts.

Jared Larson

Earlier on Monday, while scouting snow prediction totals, I had an epiphany. Iowa State needs an(other) alternate uniform.

“Against Colorado in 2016, Oregon had these uniforms that looked a lot like their Duck mascot,” my inner monologue said. “We need a uniform that honors feathered friends on our campus too.”

Colorado v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

“Haven’t we already worn a uniform that reminds fans of Cy?” some of you might be wondering.

Oklahoma v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

“Well, yes,” I would tell you. “Did you know USC copied Iowa State’s shoulder stripes? Anyways, these uniforms commemorate Lancelot and Elaine.”

Jared Larson

These uniforms reportedly are fit with Hypersoft technology. Just like the mute swans that are Lancelot and Elaine, Nike Hypersoft makes even the loudest Cyclone players quiet on the field for elusive purposes. (Nike Hypersoft does not exist... Yet.)

Black socks and cleats are also included to mimic mute swans black legs and feet.

It’s time.

For more facts about birds on Iowa State’s campus, watch the video below.

For more about Oregon’s nickname history and the “Once a Duck, Always a Duck,” uniforms, click here.