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The Mid-Morning Dump: Can You Digg It?

Stefon Diggs, former Viking, goes off

AP ALL AMERICANS The Cyclones got a school record 4 players selected to the national All-American team.


CAN I KICK IT? Yes you can, and so can Andrew here. Or at least hopefully. But, Iowa State special teams, so he actually probably can’t... anyways.

DIGGIN A GRAVE The New England Patriots are tea in the water without Tom Brady. Stefon Diggs, meanwhile, either ruined or won your fantasy football championship.

PRAY FOR JA MORANT I swear, if Ja Morant becomes injury prone, I’m creating an alternate dimension where him and D-Rose have the strongest, healthiest tendons in the world.

TOM RICKETTS IS NOT A POPULAR MAN And rightfully so. I’m not near the Cubs fan I was growing up, but it appears that guy just no longer cares about winning.

DOC Rivers has reached the top 25 in NBA coaching wins, but he joined a top 3 as well.

HOW’S THE FOOD TASTING? It’s early, but here’s a look at how all 30 teams in the NBA started the season, and a couple of observations of your favorite team.

GARY TRENT JR’S TEAM The Trailblazers notched a big win against the LA Lakers, and Gary Trent Jr came off the bench with 7 three point shots.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK Rap music is a thing of beauty. If Biggie was Shaq with his hard hitting bars, and dominance on the mic. A Tribe Called Quest was a trio of Penny Hardaway’s with their smooth rhythmic delivery. Just the chillest coolest smoothest stuff right here.