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David Montgomery Fueling Bears Late Playoff Push

The Bears finally have found out what kind of workhorse Montgomery can be

Chicago Bears v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Considering where the Bears were about a month ago on the back end of a six game losing streak after a 5-1 start, it’s pretty remarkable the Bears are even in the playoff race going into the last week of the regular season. Yet, here we are and the new found confidence in and usage of David Montgomery may have just been the answer to all of that.

When the 2020 season started, the Bears offense was top 10 in the league in rushing. The Bears were on their way to correcting course after a disappointing 2019, until they weren’t. The wheels came completely off, and they couldn't block anyone for over seven weeks. Neither Montgomery nor the Bears offense could get anything to go their way and the Bears found themselves on the outside looking in. Although it ultimately ended in a loss for the Bears, they went into Lambeau Field to face the Packers with a makeshift offensive line may have been one piece of the puzzle the Bears were searching for.

Since that week, Montgomery has rushed for 529 yards and 6 touchdowns, ranking second in the league in the last 5 weeks in rushing yards per game and becoming the first Bears running back to eclipse the 1,000 yard mark in one season since Jordan Howard. Not only did he reach that milestone, but he also became the first Bears player to gain over 100 yards from scrimmage and score at least once in five straight games since Walter Payton.

Some may argue that the steady play from Mitchell Trubisky has been why the Bears find themselves back in the playoff hunt, but let’s be honest. Trubisky is the type of quarterback that excels off play action, and none of this would be true unless David Montgomery hadn’t have found his stride. So, for now, let’s relish in the moment that David is leaving his mark on the NFL.

Oh, by the way, that playoff push? Montgomery and the Bears play another former Cyclone in Allen Lazard to try and win their way in. The Packers are playing for home field advantage and the Bears just want to control their own destiny. Playoff type football at Soldier Field on Sunday featuring two Cyclone greats. Can’t wait!