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Sources: Brian Ferentz emerging as candidate for NY Jets head coaching position

Bold strategy Cotton, let’s see how it plays out.

After posting a 9-22 record through 2 seasons with the Jets, head coach Adam Gase is reportedly going to be fired after the regular season finale this Sunday.

The Jets started off 0-13 and have won two straight, but those wins have moved them out of the #1 draft pick slot. Why is that so important this year more than other years? Trevor Lawrence is a once in a generation talent. Adam Gase not only sucked at winning, but sucked at losing.

A lot of people were rumored to have interest in the NYJ job, but no one was more interested than Iowa native, Brian Ferentz. After spending the last 9 years in low-income housing in his parents basement as an assistant coach at Iowa, Ferentz believes he is ready for some new scenery, “I’ve always enjoyed playing Madden on the XBOX, so it was hard to say no to the deal.” Coach Ferentz is slated to make $7.25/hour in his first head coaching gig.

Since hiring the soon-to-be-fired Gase, the Jets have been looking to build an offensive juggernaut featuring the likes of a rookie quarterback with no notable outstanding skills, a 200 year-old running back, and a receiver from Duke. Surprisingly, things have not gone so well for the Jets, and they’re in rebuild mode for the twenty third time in the last twenty years.

In contrast, Ferentz’s Iowa offense has ranked in top 14 in the Big Ten in every offensive statistic every season since he took over the offensive coordinator role in 2018, a ranking which turned heads in East Rutherford, NJ.

As the Jets have shifted their attention to losing games, they’ve encountered a small hiccup. They’re not losing enough to get the high draft pick they need to draft their next enormous draft bust.

“If there’s one guy that can lose a football game for us, it’s Brian,” Jets General Manager Joe Douglas said. “We couldn’t figure out how to tank hard enough to get that #1 pick, but we’re hopeful Coach Ferentz can make this dumpster fire worth the first pick next year. My favorite part about Brian is that he doesn’t even need a quarterback in his offense, which is perfect.”

Brian took it to Twitter to say his goodbyes.

Despite the Jets playing in East Rutherford, New Jersey, Ferentz says he is excited to move to New York City. “I hear the toilets are huge in NYC, so that’s a nice bonus for me,” said Ferentz, referencing The Great Overflow of 2018.

“I think Seinfeld took place in Manhattan, so I’m looking forward to rubbing elbows with guys like Jer (Seinfeld)” Longtime Iowa head coach and disappointed father Kirk Ferentz is excited for his son’s new opportunity. “I’m excited for Brian to get out of his comfort zone and pay his own damn bills.”