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Litecast: Fiesta Bowl Preview, CFP Thoughts, and Best Bowl Bets

May the takes from this podcast warm you during the blizzard.

It’s snowing outside, but the takes on this episode of the Litecast are hotter than ever. Austin, Matt, and Dylan share their holiday experiences and best snow day activities before previewing Iowa State’s matchup with Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl. What do fans need to know about this Oregon team? Should we expect a high or low scoring game? Will Oregon podcasters watch any Iowa State tape before the game? (Don’t count on it).

Strangely enough, before the Fiesta Bowl is the College Football Playoff semifinals so the guys break down what they expect to happen, and are we heading towards another championship game featuring Alabama and Clemson? After that, it’s time to break down the best bets for bowl season as it continues to heat up. There were certainly some disagreements to be had.

Lastly, Dylan lead us on a Nets Minute as the NBA season is underway. Thanks to the listeners for supporting us throughout football season. We’ll see you in 2021!