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OPINION: Where is Xavier Foster?

Not next week, not next month, now.

The Iowa State Cyclones are 1-1 with the lone loss coming against a team from the Summit League. Meanwhile, prized four-star recruit Xavier Foster has played a total of 10 minutes in the two games.

Against Arkansas Pine-Bluff, Foster didn’t check into the game until the 8:43 mark in the second half, the Cyclones were already leading by double-digits. In a three-point loss to South Dakota State, Foster logged just one minute of action.

It’s safe to say, that Foster hasn’t had the role that most of us expected coming into the season.

Of course, Foster had a battle with mono and also suffered a concussion, piling that on top of fewer practices and scrimmages due to COVID-19, it’s been an abnormal season for an incoming freshman. But, I still believe Foster should be on the floor.

My reasoning is that outside of Cade Cunningham and Jalen Suggs, every freshman in the country is going to start slow. Foster isn’t an exception to that. Playing any true freshman, especially for Iowa State is going to include growing pains, because guess what? The entire Iowa State basketball program is experiencing growing pains right now.

Look, I’m not Steve Prohm. I’m not at practice everyday, I don’t know Foster or any of the team personally. I don’t want to criticize Prohm for his decision, because frankly, that’s not my place.

However, from the perspective of a fan and a blogger, I want to see Foster right now.

The seven-footer from Oskaloosa, Iowa may be ready for the court, he may not be. But the reality is, Steve Prohm’s prized recruit is going to have to work out his problems on the court eventually, so why not right now? Iowa State is not going to the NCAA tournament this season, they will not be competitive in the Big 12. It’s another rebuilding year.

In a rebuilding year, the objective is to stay competitive, but more importantly, build for future seasons. Xavier Foster is a part of the future of Iowa State basketball. In order to develop players, they have to play. In order to give fans hope for the future, Foster has to play.

I’m sick of waiting, and I’m sick of losing to teams in the Summit League. At the very least, if we lose to a Summit League team, I want it to be with our best players on the court.