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The Mid-Morning Dump: We Goin’ To The Ship

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See you in Dallas, sports fans.

REACTION. Hear what Campbell and players had to say after dominating West Virginia.

20/20 VISION. ISU is having its best season ever, and it’s all part of Matt Campbell’s vision.

NO GAME. No basketball game against DePaul thanks to Covid.

SOUTH CAROLINA IS V GOOD. Ashley Joens is too, but they were overmatched in Hilton yesterday.

ONE THING I LEARNED. Excellent article here on the Big 12 from Heartland College Football.

LANDON AKERS SCORED. And Rob Gray is here to tell you all about it.

CONFERENCE TITLE GAMES. Sizing up the end of the season football contests.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL RECAP. Week 14 roundup for ya.

MULLETS > MORMONS. Coastal Carolina vs BYU was an amazing watch.

HARBAUGH TO THE NFL? He is apparently considering a return.

JETS GONNA JET. Trevor Lawrence, pack your bags for New York.

FLOYD VS PAUL. This is definitely a real thing that may happen.

LOVE TO SEE IT. Smug Pete Carroll lost to Colt McCoy and the Giants at home.

GONZAGA PAUSES ACTIVITIES. The Covid cometh for the ‘Zags.

YOU ALSO LOVE TO SEE IT. Kentucky basketball has started 1-3.

TIP DRILL. This Marquette victory over Wisconsin was just unbelievable.