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Three Things We Learned: West Virginia


Dylan Soehner leads the Cyclones in a surf over a 42-6 win over West Virginia.
Jared Larson

Landen Akers is a True Cyclone

There is something so cool when a 6th-year senior who never complains and does the little things while getting little credit scores a touchdown. It’s even cooler when it’s his first career touchdown. It’s even cooler when it’s on senior day in all black uniforms!

Landen Akers is the type of guy that has made the Matt Campbell era so historic. Someone slept on by everyone who stays the course, and makes big plays in big moments. Allen Lazard, David Montgomery, Brock Purdy and Breece Hall are going to be the names remembered in 50 years, rightfully so, but these historic seasons don’t happen without Landen Akers, Kyle Kempt and J.D. Waggoner .

Brock Purdy is back

If his performance against Texas wasn’t a full indicator of how well Purdy is playing currently, he proved it even more against West Virginia. Completing 20 of his 23 passes for 247 yards with three touchdowns, combined 38 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown, Purdy excelled. He didn’t just pile on stats, he looked insanely dominant and comfortable doing so.

Since the first half of the Baylor game, where Purdy threw three first half interceptions, Purdy has completed 70-91 of his passes for 903 yards and 10-0 touchdown to interception ratio. Those are Heisman-like stats if they are extended throughout an entire season.

If Purdy continues to let the game come to him and dominate, I feel really good about Iowa State’s chances in the Big 12 championship.


The regular season is over, Iowa State is rolling and is playing the best football in school history. The next game is the biggest in school history. This team has proven this season, that with the backs against the wall, they show up. I’m so excited to see what this team can do in the biggest game in school history.