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The Mid-Morning Dump: $27 Million Dollar Man

Big Game ‘Tae got Big Time Paid

OPTW Brock Purdy is once again looking like the best Cyclone quarter back in program history. He won OPTW in the smackdown against WVU.

WEEKEND RUNDOWN Check out this week’s post mortem, game recap, big 12 power rankings. And the gamethread that never was.

JAR LAR OS A computer and a camera. Check our Jar’s photos from the weekend.

C.R.E.A.M. Monte Morris inked a 3 year $27 million extension to stay in Denver. Dolla dolla bills y’all.

THEE WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM Somebody tell Vegas they’re a bunch of idiots. The Steelers are no longer unbeaten.

WILDCARDS A weird weekend in the NFL shuffles up the wildcard scene for this postseason.

TOP SHELF One team has separated itself this off season, but see where your team is ranked for the upcoming NBA season.

WNBA ABROAD Many WNBA players play overseas during their offseason to compensate for their relative lack of pay compared to other professional leagues. Here’s some of their experiences.

BOXING IS BROKEN We got retired NBA players fighting You Tubers, and now Mayweather fighting a You Tuber too. Am I reading this right? (Yes that was an illiteracy joke)

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK As Monte now knows, it’s all about that green. Wu-Tang said it best.